Our goal in 2020 is to enable Mercy Ships to assist 2020 patients.

Let’s bring happiness to thousands! By using your Miles Card you’re bringing hope and healing to thousands of families in the most difficult living situations around the world.
For every mile you redeem we’ll donate another one to our Charity of Choice, Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships owns and operates the world’s largest charitable hospital ship, staffed by an all-volunteer crew offering free life changing surgeries to those with little or no access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The more you use your Miles Card, the faster they’ll receive the care they so desperately need. Let’s do it together.

About Mercy Ships

A floating hospital bringing free, state-of-the-art care to regions where clean water, electricity, medical facilities and personnel are limited or non-existent.

This non-profit organization assembles a crew with some of the best physicians around the world, alongside highly-skilled nurses, technicians, and caregivers from all specialties. Generous professionals who volunteer to do everything from lowering a newborn's fever to performing challenging surgeries on malformations. They are delivering hope where is needed the most.

If you'd like to learn of more ways to support this wonderful organization, please visit mercyships.org

To learn more visit mercyships.org
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