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Your travel journey may not always go as you expect, so for those moments you rather forget, take advantage of Miles Card's unrivaled travel benefits and coverages. *

*Available only for bookings made through the Miles app.

Flycare Benefits

Booking a flight on Miles means you can forget about penalties for rescheduling or changing your flight, and start thinking about instant compensation for such things as long delays and lost luggage.

Trip cancellation
Up to $2,000

Get instant compensation if the airline cancels your trip – for any reason – while you're still in the country of origin

Trip interruption
Up to $2,000

Get instant compensation if you decide – for any reason – to interrupt your trip while you're already in your destination.

International lost connection
Up to $500

Get instant compensation and an automatic reservation on a new
flight with the same conditions
and destination.

Delayed flight
Up to $200

Get instant compensation if your international connection gets delayed for more than six hours.

Lost/Delayed luggage
Up to $2,000

Get instant compensation if your luggage is confirmed lost or does not arrive on time to your destination.

  • Up to $1,000 for delays
  • Up to $2,000 for loss*

Accidental death
Up to $100,000

Get instant compensation – available to a family member – if you perish at any point during travel.

Emergency political evacuation
Up to $100,000

Get covered for costs of evacuation in case the country you're visiting enters in political turmoil.

* Confirmed by the airline.

Staycare Benefits

When you book a hotel on Miles you can rest easy with automatic coverage for medical and dental emergencies, as well as instant compensation when needed.

Emergency medical expenses
Up to $2 Million

Get access to top medical and dental care in case that
you experience an accident or illness while you're traveling.

  • Ambulance
  • Emergency Room care
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Additional hotel expenses for convalescence
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Pregnancy check-ups
  • Sports and recreational expenses
  • Return of minors under 15 years old
  • Emergency medical reunion
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Additional Protection

Personal devices
Up to $2,000

Get instant compensation if your phone, tablet, laptop or similar electronics get stolen, lost or damaged at any point during your trip.

Mobile banking
Up to $1,000

Get reimbursed for a financial loss arising from the unauthorized use of your banking app, following the loss or theft of your mobile device.

Purchase protection
Up to $2,500

Get instant compensation if your goods get stolen, lost or damaged – for any reason – while you're traveling abroad.

Cyber protection
Up to $5 Million

Get covered for any damage to you or liability to third parties in the event of a data breach or data mismanagement during travel.*

ATM robbery
Up to $1,000

Get indemnified for cash losses in the event you are subject to a robbery at an ATM during travel.

*In alliance with AXA XL

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